Often mandated by law or regulation, the annual report is
an organization's best opportunity to "plead its case" in the
court of public opinion -- primarily shareowners and other
stakeholders, but also employees, colleagues, environmental
and community groups.   
Many companies spend upwards
of $100,000 on lavishly designed
and produced reports that end up
somehow missing the point.

SBC specializes in annual reports
that capture an organization's
activities and forward direction in a
compelling manner, using our
designers' expertise to get the best
design results without
unnecessary expense.  
The Music Performance Fund's
annual report announced new
directions and initiatives for a
revitalized organization. MPF, the
world's largest employer of
musicians, sponsors thousands of
free, live musical performances
every year in communities and
schools across North America.
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The 75+ year-old
English-Speaking Union
needed a new look that
would express a new,
forward-looking program,
yet reassure stakeholders
that this venerable
institution was holding true
to its historic mandate to
"nurture friendship and
understanding among the
English-speaking peoples
of the world."