So why haven't they disappeared?  Gone the way of the teletype,
the rotary phone and other office dinosaurs? Because a
well-written, well-designed, and
strategically planned newsletter
is still one of the most powerful and persuasive of all business
communication channels -- and one of the most affordable.
A good newsletter should be
informative and appealing, with
a mix of general and specific
material, products and
case-histories.  It should be
persuasive rather than
"sales-y," and carefully geared
toward readers' needs and
concerns. If you have fresh
information or advice that they
should have them, a newsletter
is a great place for it.
Occasional touches of humor
can be a big plus.
SBC creates effective newsletters for clients in many different
areas, from large industrial concerns to charitable and
educational nonprofits. And having a great newsletter can be
easier (and more affordable) than you might think. Give us a
call to find out how.
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contact SBC.
Newsletters may be the most old-fashioned marketing
"technology" you'll find in today's business world.
"Until I started getting the newsletter, I never
knew what our company did."