Answer those two questions, and that’s 90 percent of your
“business story” in a nutshell.

Our job is to help you develop and polish that story, and bring it to the
audience that matters: your clients and potential clients, customers,
and the decision-makers and “influencers” in your particular
marketplace.  So
you can sleep better.

Our services and products are designed to
add marketing value to
your own history and experience, using that information creatively to
build your visibility and perceived stature.

Explore this site to see samples of our work. While you’re at it, think
about what some of these public relations tools might do for you:  
  • Public relations strategy & counseling
  • Media liaison
  • Feature articles & news releases
  • Television and radio appearances
  • Brochures and sales/marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • Websites and online publicity
  • Seminars & special events
  • Awards & professional competitions
  • Trade shows and expos
  • Market research
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