Performance-Based Contract, Advanced Bioremediation
Technology Sped Environmental Cleanup At Andrews Air
Force Base
Scientists and engineers from environmental
consulting firm BEM Systems, Inc. (Chatham, NJ)
needed only eleven months of accelerated
bioremediation to complete what had been
projected as a 28-year cleanup of a highly
contaminant-impacted site at a service station
on Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, home base of Air Force One. The in-
situ cleanup used a recently introduced remediation technology, ORC
Advanced™, to eliminate high concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons
that had resisted earlier cleanup attempts with conventional technologies,
at a total cost less than one-third the original estimate of over a million
and a half dollars..
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Bioremediation Pioneer Stephen Koenigsberg Joins
Environmental Strategies Consulting LLC
Stephen S. Koenigsberg, Ph.D., who led the
development of industry-standard bioremediation
technologies now widely used for soil and groundwater
cleanup, has joined Environmental Strategies
Consulting LLC, the environmental consulting services
subsidiary of Quanta Capital Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ:
QNTA) as Partner and head of its new Irvine, CA office.
He continues as chair of the Science AdvisoryBoard at Regenesis (San
Clemente, CA), the bioremediation products company he co-founded in
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"Battling the Enemy: Safeguarding against corrosion in
wastewater facilities," by Jose L. Villalobos, P.E.
Historically, corrosion at wastewater treatment plants
has gotten little attention from upper-echelon managers
and policymakers, but a series of unfortunate episodes
has brought this asset management problem to public
attention. New corrosion-control tools, if properly
selected and used, could save hundreds of billions of
dollars over the long term.
Public Works Magazine,
January 2006
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BEM Systems, Inc. Leads
First Performance-Based
Environmental Cleanups
at Alaska Air Force Bases
January 17, 2006 —
Environmental consultant BEM
Systems, Inc. (Chatham, NJ and
Anchorage, AK) is helping the US
Air Force achieve substantial
savings in time and money with
Aleutian Islands village of Nikolski, settled
about 6400 BC, has been called the world's
oldest continuously inhabited human
performance-based contracts (PBCs) in Alaska at Elmendorf Air Force
Base, Anchorage, and the decommissioned Nikolski Radio Relay Station
in the Aleutian Islands. Performance-based contracts are designed to
reduce costs and shift risk away from government and taxpayers.
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RegenOx™, New Environmental Cleanup Product from
Regenesis, a Breakthrough in Chemical Oxidation
SAN CLEMENTE, CA, July 26, 2005 — Regenesis Bioremediation Products
(San Clemente, CA), the world’s leading developer of advanced in-situ
bioremediation products, announces the introduction of RegenOx™ (patent
applied for), an advanced in-situ chemical oxidation technology that
destroys a wide range of soil and groundwater contaminants rapidly,
effectively, and with no explosive release of heat and gases.  
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Music Performance Fund Takes A New Name, Maps New
NEW YORK, NY, January 7 — Effective this month, the Music Performance
Trust Funds, the country’s largest nonprofit group dedicated to sponsoring
free live music, has changed its name to “The Music Performance Fund,”
as it pursues an intensified program to build relationships with major
foundations and attract corporate co-sponsors to help pay for future
programs. .
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BEM Systems, Inc., teams with Water Missions International
to bring potable water to Katrina-ravaged communities
CHATHAM, NEW JERSEY, Sept. 27, 2005 — To help assure safe drinking
water for communities hit by Hurricane Katrina, professional engineers and
scientists from BEM Systems, Inc. are volunteering their time and expertise
helping Charleston-based Water Missions International set up portable
water-supply systems throughout parts of Alabama, Mississippi and
Louisiana. They are providing construction, installation, operations and
training of WMI’s patented Living Water™ Treatment System (“LWTS™”)
technology, in series with standard reverse osmosis units. BEM and WMI
partnered last winter to set up water systems for 90,000 tsunami survivors
in Sri Lanka.
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