• Powerful & fast
  • Safe minimizes or eliminates manned  entry
  • Odorless, environment-friendly  closed-loop
    technology (no complaints!)
  • No service interruption system stays online
    during cleanout
  • No bypass piping required
  • No additional sludge dewatering or solidification
    needed for landfill permitting

“Closed-loop water-jet system cleans sewer main odorlessly.” U.S.
Water News
, August 2006. In Oakland, Calif., V&A Consulting
Engineers relied on Garner West to clean out downtown sewer mains to
permit visual inspection for city's Public Works Department. Garner’s
Sewer Hog™ got the job done in record time, without releasing sewage
odors into city’s busy downtown.

“After the Hurricane,” by Joseph Hilyard. Municipal Sewer & Water,
January 2006.  How Garner West’s powerful, innovative pipe cleaning
technology sped the cleanout of more than 200 miles of Gulf Coast
highway storm drains plugged with sand by the surge of Hurricane
The process described here is protected under one or more of the following U.S. Patent
numbers: #5,068,940; #5,129,957; #5,336,333; and #5,341,539.
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Very simply, Garner
West is revolutionizing
the way many
challenging cleanup jobs
are done, with a powerful,
closed-loop system that
achieves results
safely, with no
interruption in service

and in
a fraction of the
needed with any
conventional cleanup
Introducing the world's most advanced, powerful and convenient
technology for rapid, thorough large-diameter sewer cleanout and
sludge dewatering: