Salwen Business Communications (SBC) is a small,
full-service, hands-on marketing Public Relations and
Communications Counseling firm.
We like it that way.  

It lets us build close, enduring relationships with clients in many
industries and professions, and to know everything we do is designed
to support and help them achieve their core business objectives.

To our clients, we're not just another supplier. We're part of their team
— a value-added partner, never more than a phone call away and
dedicated  to getting their message across, their way, to their critical

Our clients are located across the country; most are professionals
working in the sciences or in the high technology sectors of the
economy, such as engineers, technology developers, environmental
scientists, transportation and infrastructure specialists.

We also represent authors and publishers, arts groups and nonprofit
organizations, sometimes on a pro-bono basis.

Without hype or spin, we improve their bottom line by helping them
stand out from the crowd and win recognition for their successes.

Use the buttons at the left to read more here about our company, our
services, and some of our past and current clients. And if you'd like to
talk with us about how a fresh communications approach can help
move your company forward, please call or email.  

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Peter Salwen, March 2006
Salwen Business Communications
New York, NY 10024   212/873-1944

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Before entering the
Marketing/PR field, he was
an editor/writer for Colliers
Encyclopedia, Random
House, Appleton-Century-
Crofts, HRW and other
educational publishers,
and a technical editor for
the United Nations
Development Programme.

Peter's 1989 nonfiction
Upper West Side
Story: A History and
Guide (Abbeville Press)
was praised by The New
York Times as “a delightful
romp through time and
space.” His second book,
Galapagos: The Lost
Paradise (Bantam-
Doubleday-Dell), sold over
300,000 copies in six

In 2001, after 11 years in
our original Fifth Avenue
offices, SBC converted to
a “virtual company” format,
letting us reduce costs for
our clients while making
the best use of today's
online technologies.
Peter Salwen founded
SBC in 1990 following ten
years as Senior Associate
with NYC-based Warren
Weil Communications
Counselors. Previously,
he headed the business
development office for
international A/E firm
TAMS (now an Earth
Tech subsidiary).
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Peter Salwen's Web pages
Mark Twain, NYC
history, the Galapagos
Islands, and more.